Standard Laboratory & Chemical Fume Hoods

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All of our standard laboratory  and chemical fume hoods come with these features:

  • Powder coat finish
  • Full Frame Construction
  • TEL fume hood alarm system
  • Pair of duplex receptacles
  • Fan switch
  • Light switch
  • Full-length finger lift sash

  • Shaft drive sash
  • Flush-mount airfoil
  • L. listed poly resin liner
  • Round stainless steel duct Collar(s)
  • Can ship knocked down for assembly on-site
  • T-8 fluorescent light with bulbs
Airfoil Fume Hood

The Eliminator 100 SERIES: Airfoil Fume Hood

The EH-100 series airfoil-type fume hood
features a 45-degree angle around the fascia
and a flush-mount radiused airfoil across the
bottom, which results in minimized turbulence
and increased performance.

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Eliminator 200 Double Sided Fume Hoods

The Eliminator 200 SERIES: Double-Sided 100 Series

The Eliminator 200 series provides the same
aerodynamic design features as the EH-100 airfoil
hood series, with entrance from two sides. This makes
it ideal for use in classroom or prep room settings or
whenever demonstration of experiments is desired.

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Eliminator 300 Thin Wall Fume Hood

The Eliminator 300 SERIES: Thin Wall

The Eliminator 300 series is a thin-wall fume
hood with slimmer front posts to expand the
workspace. Posts are 2-1/2” (64 mm) wide.

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Walk In Fume Hood

The Eliminator 400 SERIES: Walk-In Hood

The Eliminator 400 series, with a double-hung sash configuration
and 72” high opening, is designed to accommodate a largeapparatus application, up to 85” in height. Posts are 5” (127 mm)
wide. Many heights and depths are available. Contact LFFH to
find the right size hood for your application.

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Eliminator 500 ADA Fume Hood Design

The Eliminator 500 SERIES: ADA Design

The Eliminator 500 series is an airfoil-type fume hood
designed to meet ADA dimensional guidelines.
A 45-degree angle around the fascia and a flushmount radiused airfoil across the bottom result in
minimized turbulence and increased performance.

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Radio Isotope Fume Hood

The Eliminator 600 SERIES: Radio Isotope Hood

The Eliminator 600 Radio Isotope Hood is specifically
engineered and built to handle applications involving
radiochemicals. It has the same aerodynamic design
as the standard airfoil hood, with the added feature of
a one-piece stainless steel liner and countertop with
radius construction to prevent absorption of radioactive
and corrosive chemicals.

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Perchloric Acid Hood

The Eliminator 700 SERIES: Perchloric Acid Hood

The Eliminator 700 Perchloric Acid Hood has the same
aerodynamic design as the 100 series, with a 45-degree
angle around the fascia and a flush-mount radiused
airfoil across the bottom to minimize turbulence and
provide increased performance.

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Flat Front Fume Hood

The Eliminator 800 SERIES: Flat Front

A basic fume hood for K-12 educational
applications, the EH-800 series is similar
in design and construction to the EH-300
(Thin Wall) hood, but with 5” (127 mm)
posts to provide plumbing and electrical
fixtures on the face of the hood. This hood
has many of the same features found in
other LFFH hoods, but it is economically
priced for secondary school budgets.

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Demonstration Hood

The Eliminator 900 SERIES: Demonstration Hood

The EH-900 series is an educational viewing fume
hood with one slimmed down (2” or 51 mm) front
post and one standard (5” or 127 mm) post to
allow for more workspace and electrical services.
Plumbing service must be deck mounted.

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