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The cannabis industry continues to see rapid growth as medical and recreational marijuana becomes legalized across the country. Because of this boom, cannabis laboratory facilities are now in great demand. As an ever-evolving, rapidly changing, and highly regulated industry, there are a multitude of design considerations and factors that need to be considered to accommodate when designing this type of lab. As a cannabis laboratory design company, Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods understands a practical cannabis design must successfully optimize the multi-purpose lab areas and streamline the multi-faceted objectives of a cannabis lab. We can help you design a cannabis lab building that accommodates both short-term needs and long-term goals while avoiding common and costly missteps along the way.

Cannabis lab planning and design will vary with each laboratory’s specific needs and the various laboratory wet and dry functions within it, including cultivation, testing and analysis, extraction, chemicals, food-safe areas, and much more. Each lab area requires special needs based on the area of work, such as extremely sterile and clean environments for testing, hazardous chemical and solvent handling for extraction and post processing, and the prevention of contamination in cultivation and storage areas. Also, it is important to design a cannabis lab that can accommodate the advanced instruments and equipment necessary to produce, test, and process cannabis. Accommodating all these special requirements must be done in a flexible, adaptable space that can evolve as the cannabis industry grows, comply with state and federal laws and environmental regulations, and provide a safe and secure working space for everyone who works at the lab.

When it comes to cannabis lab planning and design, the two main factors to consider are safety and security. For example, the cannabis lab building must consider such safety measures such as air quality, odor abatement, chemical exposure, positive airflow, sufficient ventilation, controlled and sealed environments, and decontamination areas. While testing and post-processing areas must be highly sterile labs areas to avoid contamination issues, they often involve harsh solvents and chemicals that can be safety hazards for both people and lab equipment and furniture. Safety measures such as eye wash stations, emergency showers, facility sprinkler systems, airborne solvent, and chemical detection monitoring, HVAC, and hazardous waste storage should all be implemented in a cannabis lab. Finally, cannabis labs require extremely high levels of security, including key-card access in and out of the cannabis lab building, alarm systems, and 24-hour video surveillance.

The following are some of our basic objectives for cannabis lab design:

  • Flexible design that supports current and future needs, technologies, and regulations
  • Modular or flexible casework and furnishing to allow labs to scale up or down
  • Protect the safety and health of the occupants
  • Layout that enhances collaboration and interaction between occupants
  • Adequate distribution of critical power supplies in strategic, easy-to-access locations
  • Eliminate potential sources of contamination
  • Provide clean power supply vital to ensuring optimal performance of computers and advanced instruments
  • Constant and reliable HVAC, positive airflow, and air filtration
  • Proper storage and disposal of harsh solvents and chemicals
  • Extensive environmental control systems for such things as humidity, temperature, pests, and contaminants
  • Fire suppression systems to prevent unplanned fires and reduce the damage to expensive lab resources


A cannabis lab must be flexible and dynamic enough to meet the multitude of lab space requirements in safe, secure, and healthy environment that is compliant with state laws and environmental regulations. The following are the key considerations for cannabis lab design:

  • Flexible and agile design that supports a wide range of lab functions, including cultivation, testing, processing, quality control, and post-processing
  • Implementation of extensive environmental controls to ensure lab resources remain in peak condition and perform properly
  • Open floor design that facilitates a safe, secure, and healthy environment


Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods is your comprehensive resource for all things related to laboratory design and furnishings. Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods is your comprehensive resource for all things related to laboratory design and furnishings. Our design carefully considers your unique lab requirement to meet your current and future needs.

We provide a unique customer experience we call “The Power of One.” You will have a single point of contact for your project from start to finish, including planning, drawings, budgets, recommending and procuring furnishing and equipment, and much more. Our approach is to keep it simple, efficient, accurate, and easy for you to ensure continuity and nothing is missed. You will have the lab you need on time and on budget.

The combination of our expertise, unique approach to project management, and a wide range of high-quality lab products and equipment makes us your single source for designing and furnishing your new, refitted, or remodeled lab.



At Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods, we have an extensive line of high-quality lab furniture and equipment ideal for a cannabis lab. When designing your lab, we will recommend the lab furniture and equipment that is right for your lab to meet both current and future needs. Also, our products are protected by an industry-best five-year warranty.

Solution Series Flexible Lab Furniture
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Combination of eyewash and shower safety station (includes a stainless-steel bowl).

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The Eliminator 900 SERIES: Demonstration Hood
Educational viewing fume hood that provides superior ventilation to protect students and faculty.