Chemistry Lab Design

Chemistry lab design requires careful consideration to all potential risks and hazards with working with chemicals to ensure all safety and regulatory requirements are met. Because handling and storing hazardous materials and chemicals carries a high risk of exposure and injury, every aspect of the lab design must help prevent these risks for the safety of lab personnel and surrounding environment. At Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods, we design chemistry labs that facilitate the safe performance of lab activities and tasks.

As a chemistry lab design company, we understand proper ventilation and storage of corrosive, flammable, and toxic chemicals and materials must meet stringent requirements and regulations. For example, we install dedicated, chemical-resistant cabinets near the ceiling for storing combustible materials. Our designs optimize space allocation and segregate laboratory and non-laboratory activities, including separate lab modules with individual connections to HVAC, utilities, and safety devices. In the case of an accident, our lab designs include such safety measures as automatic shutoff valves and spill control measures. Whether you are designing a new lab or remodeling an existing one, Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods can help you design and furnish a flexible, safe, smart, and sustainable lab that can meet the needs of students and faculty today and into the future.

The following are some of our basic objectives for chemistry lab design:

  • Flexible design that supports current and future needs and technologies
  • Modular or flexible casework and furnishing to allow labs to scale up or down
  • Accommodate simultaneous and separate ventilation and utility connections for separate lab modules
  • Meet requirements to withstand hazards and optimize lab personnel safety
  • Zone lab between lab and non-lab spaces
  • Install chemical fume hoods that provide direct and complete exhaust
  • Surfaces, furniture, and casework made from chemical-resilient materials

Key Considerations for Chemistry Lab Design

A chemistry lab design must implement a myriad of safety measures to mitigate the potential hazards when working with chemicals and provide for the safe performance of lab activities.

The following are the key considerations for chemistry lab design:

  • Open, flexible layout with areas zoned by lab and non-lab areas
  • Installation of chemical resistant surfaces, furniture, and casework, including adequate storage for corrosive, flammable, and toxic materials
  • Proper and reliable HVAC for constant and complete air exchange

Why Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods?

Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods is your comprehensive resource for all things related to laboratory design and furnishings. Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods is your comprehensive resource for all things related to laboratory design and furnishings. Our design carefully considers your unique lab requirement to meet your current and future needs.

We provide a unique customer experience we call “The Power of One.” You will have a single point of contact for your project from start to finish, including planning, drawings, budgets, recommending and procuring furnishing and equipment, and much more. Our approach is to keep it simple, efficient, accurate, and easy for you to ensure continuity and nothing is missed. You will have the lab you need on time and on budget.

The combination of our expertise, unique approach to project management, and wide range of high-quality lab products and equipment makes us your single source for designing and furnishing your new, refitted, or remodeled lab.

Recommended Lab Components for a Chemistry Lab

At Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods, we have an extensive line of high-quality lab furniture and equipment ideal for a chemistry lab. When designing your lab, we will recommend the lab furniture and equipment that is right for your lab to meet both current and future needs. Also, our products are protected by an industry-best five-year warranty.

Solution Series Flexible Lab Furniture
Free-standing, durable lab furniture that allows you to restructure and reorganize your space at any time.

 Epoxy Resin Countertops
Attractive and reasonably priced. Optimum physical, fire, and chemical resistance required for heavy-duty usage.

SS902 Safety Station

Combination of eyewash and shower safety station (includes a stainless-steel bowl).

Wood Lab Casework
Durable and provides limitless design options.