Biomedical & Biotech Lab Design

Biomedical and biotech laboratory design requires a facility in which clinical, research, and developmental work with biological agents and hazardous materials is performed in a safe and healthy environment. The assessment of the organisms and hazards that will be present in the lab and their subsequent risks are integral considerations during the design process. Also, this lab must be designed with the flexibility and adaptability to evolve as the needs of the occupants, technologies, and projects within it change. At Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods, we understand biomedical and biotech lab planning, and we will design, create, and build the ideal lab for you.

As a biomedical lab planning company, we understand the primary objective of such lab is to provide a safe environment for lab personnel to conduct their work and all measures are taken to reduce the number of exposures in case of an emergency. Therefore, we carefully analyze and identify all health and biosafety hazards and then incorporate these protective measures into the design. For example, we take into account the suitability and sustainability of the lab furnishing, the need for separate storage areas to ensure materials are stored properly, equip necessary safety measures based on the biosafety level, and the division of lab space between clean and live culture areas just to name a few. Another key consideration is creating containment areas and including primary and secondary barriers designed for the containment of biological agents, animal subjects, and hazardous materials.

The layout of biomedical and biotech labs should anticipate the ease of modifications while balancing short-term needs with long-term goals. An open and modular design is critical for future flexibility, including the need to keep up with advancements in technology, diagnostics, and sophisticated instrumentation without compromising lab health and safety. Also, the layout must create an efficient infrastructure for the flow of staff, materials, and supplies while encouraging collaboration and creativity. Whether you are designing a new lab or remodeling an existing one, Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods can help you design and furnish a flexible, safe, smart, and sustainable lab.

The following are some of our basic objectives for biomedical and biotech lab design:

  • Protect the safety and health of all lab personnel
  • Protect both the laboratory and surrounding environment from contaminants
  • Segregate the lab to create functional zones that meet biosafety and environmental requirements
  • Eliminate potential sources of cross-contamination
  • Support lean processes such as material and personnel flow, visual management, and more
  • Adapt to future research and laboratory needs
  • Flexible, open layout to encourage collaboration while accommodating high-tech equipment and sophisticated instrumentation

Key Considerations for Biomedical and Biotech Lab Design

Our biomedical and biotech labs provide sensible material and personnel flow and address the need for physically separating lab space to carryout unique functions. We understand the main activity involves the isolation, propagation, and handling of biological agents that pose a risk to the lab personnel and its surrounding environment.

The following are the key considerations for biomedical and biotech lab planning:

  • Establish primary and secondary barriers for the containment of biological agents and hazardous materials
  • Achieve a certain level of biosafety to minimize the potential threat to lab personnel and environment
  • Flexible, adaptable design that balances short-term needs with long-term goals

Why Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods?

Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods is your comprehensive resource for all things related to laboratory design and furnishings. Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods is your comprehensive resource for all things related to laboratory design and furnishings. Our design carefully considers your unique lab requirement to meet your current and future needs.

We provide a unique customer experience we call “The Power of One.” You will have a single point of contact for your project from start to finish, including planning, drawings, budgets, recommending and procuring furnishing and equipment, and much more. Our approach is to keep it simple, efficient, accurate, and easy for you to ensure continuity and nothing is missed. You will have the lab you need on time and on budget.

The combination of our expertise, unique approach to project management, and wide range of high-quality lab products and equipment makes us your single source for designing and furnishing your new, refitted, or remodeled lab.

Recommended Lab Components for a Biomedical and Biotech Lab

At Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods, we have an extensive line of high-quality lab furniture and equipment ideal for a biomedical and biotech lab. When designing your lab, we will recommend the lab furniture and equipment that is right for your lab to meet both current and future needs. Also, our products are protected by an industry-best five-year warranty.

Epoxy Resin Countertops

Provides chemical, fire and bacteria resistance making it ideal for a Biomedical and Biotech Lab.

Stainless-steel countertops
Provides excellent chemical and heat resistance and is the preferred material for sterile environments. Ideal for surfaces that need to be disinfected regularly.

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