Project Management Lab

The experienced LFFH staff always takes pride in the delivery of turnkey lab projects. Our laboratory project management methodology is based coupling the client(s) with one responsible individual from LFFH. We utilize this from the beginning of the process to the very end. Throughout the design process your project manager (PM) will educate your staff on how to reach informed decisions. This provides excellent results. Your PM will also be responsible for coordinating all communication with subcontractors. Your PM will inform you of progress at regular intervals.

Your LFFH project manager will provide you with a solid knowledge base which has been developed over time. Their accumulated knowledge will provide you with a sense of comfort through the whole process. No opportunity will be missed. Your project manager will ask the right questions at the right time. Space and services are provided adequate attention in order for power, water and gases to reside in their proper locations.

LFFH Laboratory Project Management Services

  • Continuity – You won’t be bombarded with multiple personnel. Your PM will be the same person from initial conversation to completion and future support
  • Design – Learn along with your PM so you can make informed decisions
  • Project Assessment – Identify any and all potential design or construction challenges up front. Develop a corrective action plan(s)
  • Construction – LFFH’s PM will coordinate all material orders, trades and deliveries
    • Clear communication progress updates on a weekly basis
    • Address challenges as they arise immediately
    • Your PM is always available to address concerns and answer questions
  • Pre-Punch List – Your PM will complete a punch list prior to asking you to do the same. Your PM will also coordinate and complete any commissioning tests agreed upon. This step eliminates or minimizes any conflicts with your projected move in date
  • Punch List – Your PM will address any items you feel require correction in short order
  • Delivery -At completion, your PM will conduct an in-service review of all systems (fume hoods, service shut off valves, etc.) to ensure you get the most out of your new space