A Win-Win Scenario

Which scenario sounds better to you?

Scenario A:

“What will it take to move the fume hood to the corner and add shelving to the back wall?” You innocently ask your lab planning account manager.

“I don’t know. Let me have the design team draw it up and then we’ll pass it on to the estimating department for a cost comparison,” he answers. “It’ll be about 2 weeks, the estimating department is swamped. I’ll get back to you when we have an answer.”

Scenario B (with a Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods Lab Design Professional):

“What will it take to move the fume hood to the corner and add shelving to the back wall?” You innocently ask your Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods Lab Design Professional.

“Let me pull up that drawing and move some things around. I’ll have cost comparison for you by the end of the day. Is this a good number to reach you later today?” He answers.

At Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods, our customers continually tell us that Scenario B is why they choose us time and again. Creating a new lab with one of our Lab Design Professionals is different. carpeYou’ll experience attention, responsiveness, and efficiency. We call it the Power of One™ and we offer it to every customer.


The Power of One plan starts with free lab planning. Free. Your Lab Design Professional takes the time to meet with your entire team. Not a quick, superficial meeting. A meeting that will ensure we win your business. A meeting that covers all the requirements for your lab space, all the specifications of your space, budgeting and limitations. We gather all the information to create a comprehensive plan, a finished set of drawings, a price quote, and an itemized list of materials. Then we revise until you are happy with the plan.

Customers choose us because they have experienced our Power of One first hand. Moving forward, your Lab Design Professional manages the delivery and installation of your laboratory. As your single point of contact, the Lab Design Professional is involved with every step of the process of your project, embedded with your team of construction workers, electricians, plumbers, safety personnel and all others.

Win Target Shows Successes And Victory

Win Target Showing Successes Winner, Progress And Victory

If you’re not sure about what lab planning company to work with, we encourage you to partner with us for the first phase of our Power of One process. Meet with us to receive a lab plan so that you can determine whether our expertise and process will work for you. Learn about the complete 6-point Power of One plan on our website.   You win by receiving your free, comprehensive laboratory plan. We win by proving our system and earning your business. A win-win scenario.