The Power of One

Why Choose Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods?

The number one answer from our clients is their unique experience as a customer.

The power of one

One person, 100% responsible for your project

Our founder pioneered a simple concept decades ago, and we call it The Power of One. We believe that a single point of contact is the best way to facilitate your lab design and installation project from start to finish.

Our approach has been copied, but never duplicated. The concept is simple – one person is 100% responsible for your project from start to finish. Our goal is to continue growing long-term, satisfying relationships.

The Power of One is a simple six point system ensuring a rewarding, efficient, cost-effective experience with continuity from day one.

You will have the lab that you need, on time and on budget. In addition, we provide the first three steps of our six point plan free of charge to give you an opportunity to get acquainted with our extraordinary level of service and professionalism before purchase and installation.

The Power Of One©

Step 1: Laboratory Planning – Initial Discussion

Meet your Lab Design Professional who will personally work with your team and complete each step of the process. All of our Lab Design Professionals have a minimum of 10 years of experience in laboratory planning and design. As the design of your new lab develops, your Lab Design Professional will integrate into your laboratory build team by providing product information, lab design expertise, and alternate solutions for every aspect of your project. By offering value engineering and providing an interface for each member of your team, the Lab Design Professional helps make every other job more efficient and ensures the end result of your project is delivered as expected.

Step 2: Revisions, Revisions, Revisions – Personal Responsibility

Laboratory design and planning

Revisions and personal responsibility

Your Lab Design Professional will complete all drawings and revisions to refine and revise a finished set of drawings, a price quote, and an itemized list of materials for your review. Personal responsibility is the key to our success – no waiting on the drafting department, estimating department or others – everything is handled with care by your Lab Design Professional.

Every laboratory is a unique environment. Getting every detail correct with an eye on future growth is critical. We want to create a laboratory environment that meets your needs today and evolves with you as your work grows and changes over the years. We will help you stay on budget and provide value engineering any time during the process.


Step 3: Decision Time

By the time you reach Step 3 in our Power of One© system, you have gotten a glimpse of our commitment to exceptional service and made a decision to work with us. We have built our reputation one laboratory at a time, and we continue to grow because SERVICE is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Over the years our clients have confirmed that Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods is their first choice because of our exceptional service.

Step 4: Approval

Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods

Approval and continuing support

After choosing Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods, your Lab Design Professional will review the final laboratory design plans with your team to reach final approval. Once approved with a signed agreement or purchase order, your Lab Design Professional will personally order all the materials for your project. Our team at LFFH will review the plan and double check the purchase order internally to make sure every necessary part and piece is included. At this point our top priority is a smooth delivery and installation process. Within 5-7 business days, you will receive the order acknowledgment and final set of drawings. If you have questions or concerns, contact us immediately. There is a 48-hour window to submit changes to the order.

Step 5: Delivery and Installation

Your Lab Design Professional personally manages the delivery and installation schedule. This step requires scheduling our installation team, coordinating with your contractors, and tracking shipments. Delivery and installation is unique to each project. Some projects require delivery ahead of installation. Some projects coordinate installations to begin on delivery day. In most cases our installation team will arrive to unload and distribute materials and begin installation immediately. Typical time from APPROVAL to DELIVERY is 6-8 weeks. Custom materials can take longer, however, and smaller orders may be delivered as quickly as 4 weeks.

Step 6: Final Approval

When the installation is complete, your Lab Design Professional will work with your team to ensure satisfaction, complete any punch list items and obtain your final approval. If there are any necessary corrections or changes, your Lab Design Professional will handle them. After this final confirmation, you are ready to move into your new space, and we will issue an invoice due net 30.

Installed Laboratory Workstation

Final approval, complete satisfaction

The cornerstone of our six point Power of One plan is your Lab Design Professional. As an expert in laboratory furniture, fixtures, and space planning, your assigned lab planner will be available throughout the entire project to answer questions, make changes, and keep the project moving. We believe the best way to deliver the highest quality of service is to provide you with a team member you can depend on throughout the entire process. Your Lab Design Professional will be available to you as you move forward — to answer questions, provide the same high quality service, and assist you in taking your lab into the future as your work evolves and expands.


* Revit Drawings are available; they require a signed agreement with Last Right of Refusal on the project, or we can provide a price quote to provide them. Revit is a very labor-intensive program, and these drawings are only created after the layout is approved in AutoCAD.


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