Laboratory Design Service – offered FREE

Every laboratory project is unique. Some want to repurpose as much existing equipment as possible and update the existing lab space while others may be building a brand new room or an entire facility. Whichever end of the spectrum you’re on, Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods will design, create and build the perfect space starting with our free laboratory design.

Free Laboratory Design
But isn’t that a very large part of the project, the design? Yes, and many laboratory design and construction companies charge a lot of money for space planning and design. At Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods we provide this service up front for zero cost and no obligation. It’s our way of demonstrating our expertise and our high-quality responsive service. We hope to gain your trust and win your business in the process.During the no obligation, no cost design process your project manager will work with you and your team on all aspects of the design stage, including:

  • Initial concepts and drawings
  • Drawing revisions – as many as it takes to arrive at the desired end result
  • Product selection and specification
  • Budgeting and price
  • Value engineering as required
  • Coordination with other team members and contractors
  • Price quotes
  • Materials List
If you’re planning a laboratory remodel or looking to create a brand new laboratory space contact us by visiting our Free Lab Design page or call (262) 204-7600