Green Solutions Fume Hood

Lab Furniture And Fume Hoods, Inc. Adds The Green Solution Hood to Line of High Performance Laboratory Fume Hoods

A leader in laboratory design, LFFH Inc. now offers the Green Solution Fume Hood, which cuts fume hood energy costs by 96% and cuts operating costs by 70%.

The Green Solution Fume Hood, now available through Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods operates using 4% of the energy required by standard exhaust fume hoods. Estimated to cut energy costs by 96% and reduce operating cost by 70%, Green Solution Hood is ecologically friendly, saves energy, resources and money.

Trends in laboratory space design have changed dramatically in the last 20 years. Innovations in technology, methods of research, and the way scientists work are driving the laboratory design industry to provide open and flexible laboratory design solutions. LFFH Inc.’s line of flexible laboratory furniture is helping to meet the evolving needs of labs across the country. They offer a diverse line of integrated systems that maximize the use of vertical space, are totally freestanding and include benches that do not require attachment to the floor.

Mobility And Flexibility
“Not only is this low-energy, high performance fume hood eco-friendly it’s also ductless. It is extremely flexible to work with when designing a laboratory and extremely cost effective to our clients,” said Michael Bishop, owner of LFFH, Inc.

The ductless Green Solution Fume Hood allows for flexibility and independence previously unheard of in traditional fume hoods. Because the hood requires no ductwork or additional air supply it installs virtually anywhere. This also makes it easy to move, resulting in untold construction cost savings to laboratories.

High Efficiency And Safety
The Green Solution Hood uses the NeutrodineⓇ filtration system by Erlab and is capable of filtering liquids, solids, acids, bases, solvents and powders (with the use of an additional HEPA module). The filtration system uses adsorption to collect 98% of commonly used chemicals. The remaining 2% are either non-toxic or used by less than 0.1% of laboratories. Safety features of the Green Solution Hood include a back up safety filter system, and several sensors that monitor the filter condition, ambient air quality, temperature, position of the sash, and usage time data.

Adsorption also means that the Green Solution Hood is safer for the environment. Where traditional fume hoods disperse the collected harmful fumes into the atmosphere, the NeutrodineⓇ filtration system collects them in replaceable filters that are incinerated in a zero impact CO2 cycle.

Change And Evolution
Laboratories today need to be able to adjust and accommodate the differing needs of the scientists and projects that use them. LFFH Inc. understands that a laboratory may need to accommodate many different projects over time. Technology and information changes quickly and often there is no way to predict what the needs of the lab will be in 10, 5 or even 2 years.

“The keys to modern laboratory design are flexibility and mobility. Each of our space planning experts have 20-plus years of experience in laboratory design and functionality. They have designed laboratories built to evolve with the changing landscape of science and research,” said Bishop.

Recent projects include the organic chemistry laboratory at the University of Rochester’s Hutchinson Hall. The university’s requirements needed the lab to be energy efficient and to be designed to improve workflow and productivity. The new “Hutch” lab replaces three existing labs, and with the ductless design of Air Master Systems’ Green Solution Hoods, the lab can be reconfigured as workflow dictates.

Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods Inc. is proud to offer the Green Solution Hood as a high performance, functional and flexible air filtration solution. For more information about the Green Solution Hood and laboratory space planning design visit Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods, Inc. at