Green Fume Hoods

The last fifteen years has seen a giant leap forward in chemical fume hood technology. This was made possible by advances in the study of fluid dynamics and advances in computer modeling sciences. High Performance Fume Hoods provided by Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods:

  • Provides a demonstrable safer environment vs competitive products with the sash full open as proven by ASHRAE 110 Tracer Gas Testing:
    • This is simply GREAT DESIGN
    • This is not a reduced sash height hood requiring complicated management
    • There are no complex controls with a multitude of potential problem areas
  • Provides exceptional containment and its robust design and small carbon footprint make it a natural for clean rooms up to Class 100.
  • Is guaranteed to deliver significant cost savings on mechanical equipment and in annual operating costs.
  • Is designed for real world challenges of lab life, and dynamic challenges including pressure and temperature fluctuations, traffic and low flow fume hood loading.
  • Provides quiet operation and an ideal environment for precise measurement inside the hood, as well as delicate work with powders.
  • UL 1805 Classified