The Gemini System: Flexible, Adaptable and Stylish

At Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods we take care to specify the right product for your needs and your budget. We have been a distributor for AMS and their line of fume hoods and laboratory furniture for a long time and we were excited last year when they announced their new line of flexible laboratory components, the Gemini System.  Geminiphoto1-495x400

When one of the largest lab furniture manufacturers recently closed their doors for good, the Gemini System moved in to fill the void that was left and meet the needs of an ever-changing laboratory environment. The Gemini System is just that, a System designed for flexibility, adaptation, and creative configurations. This system is perfect for renovations and new lab projects, and a forward thinking lab manager who knows the needs of the lab will change in the years to come. The rounded posts of the system set it apart aesthetically, for a more stylized, modern look.


Flexible FrameworkScreen Shot 2016-05-23 at 11.10.25 AM

The Gemini System is a framework. On the frame you specify the counter top material, hanging or freestanding casework, shelving, fixtures, and utilities. And when the needs of your lab change, it can be reconfigured to suit the new requirements. The flexible Gemini frame comes in widths of 36”, 42”, 48”, 60”, 72”, and 96”, which we found very accommodating. The shelving is adjustable in 1” increments and is full width or split. Gemini stations can be set up in single bench or back-to-back configurations for an island setup.

Built in services

The posts of the Gemini frame come pre-plumbed and pre-wired, so electrical, gas and other utilities are quickly connected or disconnected. One side of the posts is pre-plumbed with 3/8” flexible PVC tubing to the top of the post, with optional extensions of 3’ or 6’ to tie into a ceiling service panel. The frame is easily fitted with up to 3 dual or single ball-valve service fittings, so utilities are right where you need them.

The other post carries electrical service, with a pre-wired pigtail specified to extend 3’ or 6’ above the top of the post. The end can be fitted with a straight-blade or twist-lock plug end. The electrical runs through the full-width electrical raceway along the back of the frame and to lower post electrical outlets. All the outlets are 20 amp, 120 VAC with Standard, GFCI or USB receptacles. Finally, for data connections, the frame is outfitted with twin CAT6 data outlets, placed on the opposite post of the service fittings.

The easy overhead connect options and the fact that this frame need not be fixed to the floor or wall, make it ultra flexible. Customers who rent, or know they will soon be expanding or moving would reap extensive value from the AMS Gemini System.


Quality Manufacturing

The Gemini System as 96% of our products is manufactured in United States. AMS products have long been known to us, to other distributors, and to end users for unrivaled quality. These components are manufactured to specifications, are delivered on-time, and supported by Lab Furniture and Fume Hood Inc.’s excellent customer service! If a product is to be flexible it is going to have to be built to last. The Gemini System is built to quality standards that will withstand heavy use in the lab setting and last for decades.

Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods offers free lab planning and design. Contact us for more information about the Gemini System or to connect with a Lab Design Professional to start your own lab design.