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A Win-Win Scenario

Which scenario sounds better to you? Scenario A: “What will it take to move the fume hood to the corner and add shelving to the back wall?” You innocently ask your lab planning account manager. “I don’t know. Let me have the design team draw it up and then we’ll pass it on to the […]

The Power of One

Why Choose Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods? The number one answer from our clients is their unique experience as a customer. Our founder pioneered a simple concept decades ago, and we call it The Power of One. We believe that a single point of contact is the best way to facilitate your lab design and […]

What you need to know about laboratory countertops materials

Laboratory counters are your workspace. They hold your equipment and projects and tools. You need counter space for a writing surface, to catch spills, even to sit on… maybe. Countertops are available in a stunning array of materials, composites, finishes and costs. Because each laboratory is different from the next, it is important to understand […]

Fume Hood Testing & Preemptive Measures

Fume hoods have contributed in no small part to many modern day discoveries and conveniences because they allow scientists and laboratory technicians to work in close proximity to potentially dangerous materials. In some cases protecting people from serious health risks, including death. Failure to maintain a properly functioning fume hood and safe working environment in […]

Laboratory Design Service – offered FREE

Every laboratory project is unique. Some want to repurpose as much existing equipment as possible and update the existing lab space while others may be building a brand new room or an entire facility. Whichever end of the spectrum you’re on, Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods will design, create and build the perfect space starting […]

5 Guidelines for Efficient Lab Design

Efficiency is getting the most done with the least amount of effort. It’s anticipating challenges and obstacles and having an organized plan to deal with them. Designing your laboratory for efficiency is a top priority. Here are five layout considerations for designing an ultra efficient lab space. 1. Make Safety an Element of Efficiency A […]

Should You Replace Your Fume Hood?

Lab Manager recently reported that according to a recent survey they took, 21% of laboratories intend to purchase a new fume hood in the next 12 months. The top reason cited for the new purchase was to replace an aging fume hood. How do you know if your fume hood is aging and needs to […]

A New Location in Eastern US

We’ve added an office to the east! Lab Furniture and Fume Hoods is proud to announce that Ryan Hawkins will head the new office in Buffalo, NY to give our Eastern region clients better service and support. “Our business was growing such that we needed a full service office for the Eastern US.” says Michael […]