Safe, efficient and mobile
The Green Solution Hood offers reliability, space-planning efficiencies and cost savings unlike traditional fume hoods..

Cost Savings
The Green Solution Hood is ductless, significantly reducing the cost of installation and construction. This allows for smaller floor plans and lower material costs. Once installed this fume hood can be moved anywhere. A laboratory fume hood that is capable of adjusting to the changing needs of a laboratory space is a benefit that will realize untold savings in the future.

Ductless also means the cost of operation for the Green Solution Hood is much lower. In fact, the Green Solution Hoods reduces fume hood operating costs by 70%. This hood uses 96% LESS energy than a standard fume hood.

Safety and Effectiveness
The Green Solution Hood uses Neutrodine Filtration Technology with a dual revolving filter system. This technology uses adsorption and is capable of filtering 98% or more of the chemicals commonly used in 99.9% of all laboratories. This hood can handle liquids, solids, acids, bases and solvents together or separately under the same hood without adjustments. With an added HEPA module it can also handle powders.

Other safety features include a monitoring system that is controlled with an onboard computer. Sensors monitor the filter condition, sash position, user ID, blower motor, filter saturation level, ambient laboratory air, temperature and more.

Is the Green Solution Hood right for your lab?

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